A Good Night?

So I was all ready to start sleep training tonight. Jonathan didn’t sleep well all day (his longest nap was 20 minutes), and after the last 3 nights’ debacle, I realize that sleep training needs to happen now. I was going to do it last night because I had enough, but then I realized I shouldn’t start when I’m already pissed off.

Jonathan woke up earlier than normal from his last nap, so we started his bedtime routine (bath, lotion, clothes, bottle, books, bed) at 7:30. This is probably the earliest I’ve tried to put him down because due to his nap schedule, he usually goes down around 8 or 9. Well. The terrorist decided to fall asleep 30 seconds after I put the pacifier in his mouth to get him drowsy to put him down.  Well played, son.  Well played.

In other news, this happened today:



Jonathan is crawling (actually, Army low crawl, but he gets where he wants to go), and after I moved my laptop cord out of his path of destruction, he decided he wanted to play with my toes. I am assuming because I have red nail polish on them, and they look shiny and pretty. So he crawled under the coffee table to get to them. Seriously, he has so many toys to play with, why play with my feet?


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