Ah, Spring…

Is there any better time than the first really nice day in the year?  Spring may not actually be here yet, but it really felt like it today.  I’m in Washington, so it rains.  A lot.  But today was just a gorgeous day.  60 degrees (which is almost shorts weather up here), sunny, and just beautiful.  You know what I love about the spring?  Everyone is outside mowing their lawns, so that freshly cut grass smell is in the air.  Kids are out playing in the street.  People are visiting each other.  The smell of barbeque lingers in the air.

Well, I’ve had enough “spring.  Before I had a baby, I loved ALL those things.  Now that I have a baby, I think I’m starting to HATE all those things.  Why, you ask?  Because everything but the barbeque wakes my son up out of his naps.  As soon as I put Jonathan down for his first nap, all my damn neighbors decided that was the right time to mow their lawn.  So there were 3 lawnmowers going at once.  In addition to the lawnmowers, everyone’s kids were out SCREECHING in the street.  Both neighbors on either side of me also had visitors all day, and they chose to talk as loud as they possibly could for HOURS.  Still love barbeque, though.  Nothing beats cow flesh cooking on a grill.

I know that as Jonathan gets older, this will get better, but right now all I have to say is this:  FUCK SPRING.

P.S.  I did take Jonathan out for a little walk today down to our little playground and around the neighborhood.  It was so nice to be able to actually take a walk in the nice weather.  🙂


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