Living in a War Zone

Okay, I don’t really live in a war zone.

One of the worst things about being married to someone in the military is often the proximity to the nearest base.  Joint Base Lewis-McChord (formerly known as Fort Lewis) houses 3 Stryker brigades, a Fires Brigade, and many other units (the combat arms ones are the only ones that matter for this post).

One of the artillery units have being doing live fire exercises ALL FUCKING DAY today.  It is now 11 p.m., and they are still going strong.  My house is literally shaking.  This is something that never bothered me before (I grew up around military bases…this is nothing compared to the sound of an F18 taking off) because I can sleep through it, but noises bother me now like they never have because all I want is for my son to sleep soundly through the night.

I swear to God, if they wake up my son, I won’t be responsible for my actions.  It really does sound like we’re living in a war zone right now.


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