Sleep Training, Day 1

I just want to make sure I post about this to keep me on track.  Because if I don’t, I might lose my nerve.  And if you’re against crying it out, keep it to yourself!

I started “Ferberizing” Jonathan tonight.  He cried for an hour and 5 minutes, and has been asleep ever since.  I thought tonight would be a good time to start because he was ready for bed a little earlier than normal.  My heart was breaking the whole time, though.  He was sitting up for most of it, and when I’d go in to check on him, he’d hold his arms out to me to pick him up.  But I am being strong.  I know that this will be the best thing in the long run so he doesn’t wake up multiple times each night, and will hopefully sleep better for his naps (although those haven’t been too bad lately).

All I know is that my damn husband better appreciate all this work I’m doing.  I miss him, and wish he was home to help out, but I’m putting a LOT of work into this.

Babe, if you’re reading this, mama needs a massage!


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