Sleep Training, Day 3 and Other Happenings

Jonathan slept through the night again last night!  He woke up briefly when I opened his door to check on him before I went to bed, but went right back to sleep!  Now, I just need to learn to go to sleep at a decent time each night.  I usually stay up way too long after he goes to bed, but my DVR calls me!

So today, he only took 2 naps.  The first nap took him about 25 minutes to go to sleep, and the second was the same.  I tried to put him down for a third nap, but he wasn’t having it, and Ferber says that for naps to end that nap if they cry for over 30 minutes, so I did.  He stayed up from about 4 until around 9:30, which is a crazy long stretch for him, but he wasn’t fussy at all.  I’m starting to think that he’s trying to transition to two naps a day, so I might test that theory in the coming week.

As for his bedtime, he fell asleep in 14 minutes.  I’m pretty sure that mostly had to do with the missed nap, but I’ll still put that one in the win column!  He didn’t finish his bedtime bottle because he kept falling asleep, but he did drink half of it, so there that is.

In other news, I’ve been so obsessed with sleep training that I haven’t updated on the fun stuff Jonathan is doing now!  Yesterday, he started crawling in the traditional crawling motion!  Up until then, he had been doing the Army low crawl.  He’s just starting to get the hang of it, so he’s not too quick yet, but I’m sure he’ll be zooming around the house, and sticking his fingers in outlets in no time.  Maybe my lazy ass should finally child proof this house.  He also tried to pull himself up to standing today.  He’s always had super strong legs.  He’s been able to bear weight on his legs since he was about a month old because he loved standing on our laps.  My mom predicts that he’ll be walking by 9 months, and I think she might be right.

Look, Mom!  I'm trying to stand holding on to the most unstable thing in the house!

Look, Mom! I’m trying to stand holding on to the most unstable thing in the house!

Also (fun story here), I read to Jonathan every night before he goes to sleep.  It’s one of the things I insist upon as part of his bedtime routine.  My dad did it with myself and my brother when we were younger, and we both learned how to read quickly, and were excellent at reading and reading comprehension.  Jonathan used to just try and grab the books to eat them, but I told him that we don’t eat books in this house, you little savage, and just held the book away from him.  Well, it appears that watching me flip the pages for months on end has ignited a spark in his tiny little brain, and yesterday he started to flip the pages for me, and he flips them one at a time!  Tonight, at the end of the last book, he kept opening and shutting the book, and I was exclaiming, “Open! Shut!” over and over, and he just thought that was the most hilarious thing he had ever heard.  He’d laugh so hard when he shut the book!  My parents are coming over tomorrow, and I’m sure my dad will be excited to see this new trick.

So because of the last few nights of really great sleep, I’ve downgraded Jonathan from “terrorist” to “yardbird.”  I don’t even know what that means, but my dad used to call my brother and me that all the time when we were little.  I’m sure Jonathan’s status will be upgraded soon as new teeth start coming in.  In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy these nights of uninterrupted sleep!


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