Sleep Training, Day 4, and How Grandparents Spoil Routines

YOU GUYS.  9 MINUTES.  Seriously, I am so over the moon right now I can hardly stand it!  I’m a believer!  I tried the 2 nap concept today, so Jonathan stayed up around 3 hours between his naps, and I started his bedtime routine around 8:45.  He was asleep by 9:30.  He started crying the second I put him down in his crib, and it was intense, but there were breaks, so he only really cried for about 7 minutes total.  His naps were awesome.  I’d put him in his crib, and he’d play quietly for a little bit, fussed (not crying) for a couple of minutes, and then went to sleep.  I know soon that he’ll just fuss before falling asleep for the night, too.  Jonathan also slept through the night again last night, so, again, I’m a believer in this method.

I know any form of cry it out might not fit all families, but if you’re thinking about sleep training, I’m going to recommend this book again, it really does work.  Clicky clicky on this linky linky: Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems: New, Revised, and Expanded Edition.  And again, I’m not getting paid to promote it, I’m just a hardcore believer now!

In other news, my parents came by today.  I guess at this point they’re a part of our weekly routine, but my mom really overstimulates Jonathan when she’s here.  Usually when he gets up, I’ll feed him, play with him for a little bit, let him play by himself for a while, feed him some solids, and then he goes down for a nap.  I’m starting to wonder how my brother and I ever learned how to walk…if my mom had it her way, she’d hold him all the time.  I have to tell her to put him down so he can be free for a little while.  (By the way, every time I think of that, I think of Braveheart…FREEEEDOOOOM!)  Since I’m sleep training, I’ve been super diligent about making sure my mom doesn’t talk me into letting her put Jonathan down, though, and I can’t even describe how glad I am that Jonathan didn’t cry at all when going down for his naps.  She’s not a fan of sleep training, and especially not crying it out, so she was skeptical from the beginning.  I am 32 years old, and I know it’s weird, but I still get a huge sense of satisfaction when I do something differently from the way she did it, and it works well.  I love my mom, but she truly thinks her way is the only way, as well as the right way.

Anyway, I’ve got a super sweet picture of Grandpa and Jonathan reading.  My cousin pointed out that they’re matching, though I doubt that my dad has a monster on his ass.  Maybe in his ass…*raises eyebrow*

Look, Grandpa, I'm helping you flip the pages!

Look, Grandpa, I’m helping you flip the pages!


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