Sleep Training, Day 5

Well, we took a little step backwards tonight.  It took Jonathan 17 minutes to fall asleep, but I think that was partly because my parents didn’t leave until right as he was going to bed, and he was falling asleep on the bottle, so I put him down without him laying with the pacifier in his mouth until his eyes started fluttering.  He also took his last nap an hour later than I normally would have put him down because my mom didn’t listen to me when I said he needed to go down at 3, and decided that would be a good time to clean my house.  I should note that I had to run to Macy’s to buy an Easter dress for me.  Again, grandparents fucking up schedules.  Besides the fact that I don’t like it when my mom tries to clean my house.

His naps went really well, though.  The trend of him playing a little bit, then whining for about 3 minutes before falling asleep continues.

I’m sure that things will be easier in the coming week since my parents won’t be around.

UPDATE: I just washed that bottle…there was a huge clump of formula in the nipple.  No wonder he wasn’t drinking it…he couldn’t get the milk out!  D’oh!


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