Sleep Training, Day 8, and More!

We are done sleep training for naps.  Jonathan goes down for them really well, usually only fusses, and falls asleep during the first wait period, so that’s progress at least!  Of course, today he just didn’t sleep well.  I don’t know if it’s because he woke up a little later than normal because Mommy stayed up too late last night, but both naps were only half an hour, so by the time bedtime rolled around, he was one tired little man.

Bedtime, however, is an entirely different story.  We seem to be going backwards.  It took him 21 minutes to fall asleep tonight, and he cried like crazy the entire time.  I don’t understand it because he was falling asleep while he was drinking his last bottle, but I couldn’t let him fall asleep on my lap or that would have really fucked up any progress we made up to this point.  It’s possible that he could have been overtired, so we’ll see what happens tomorrow night, but I thought we’d be to the point now where he wouldn’t cry like a crazed baby for 20 minutes.  My understanding was that by now he should be falling asleep rather quickly with minimal crying.  I might need to start the wait periods over again, just for bedtime.  If anyone out there has any advice, I’d love to hear it.

So, now that the sleep training talk is over, here is some other news.  Jonathan has learned how to pull himself up to standing.  Usually, he does it when I’m laying on the floor while he’s playing.  I’ll lay on my side, and he’ll grab a hold of my hip and pull himself up that way.  Earlier today, he grabbed onto the coffee table and chewed on it for a little while (weird child, I know), tried to pull himself up, and failed.  Naturally, because of this occurrence, I did not worry about him pulling himself up on the coffee table.  Well, that little savage beast got me good.  I went to the bathroom, and while I was in there, he managed to pull himself up on the coffee table.  I came back out to see him standing there, wailing because he was tired.  As I watched, he started swaying precariously, and then straight up fell.  I’ve never ran so fast.  I don’t usually worry about him bumping his noggin when he’s crawling around or anything, but falling from standing is an entirely different story.  Luckily there was nothing in his way, and I think he was crying more because he was shocked to be on his back all of a sudden than being hurt because he calmed down as soon as I picked him up.  Regardless, if you’re passing out Mother of the Year awards, send one this way.

Another super fun thing that happened today…Jonathan had what might be the biggest poop of his short life today.  I shit you not, this poop blew up out of the back of his diaper and traveled all the way up his back.  Gross, right?  I was trying to wipe him while simultaneously undressing him, and trying to get out of this situation without any poop on me.  I was not successful.  I ended up giving him a sink bath immediately afterwards because I couldn’t see if I had wiped everything off of him, and, let’s be honest here, once a baby poops, that smell just sticks to their skin.  I don’t know what’s going on with him, this is the third time he’s blown out a diaper like that in the past week.

Anyway, that’s it for today.  I haven’t decided if I’m going to start the wait times over again yet, but I will by tomorrow, and will update then!


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