In Which My Son Pees on Me

I have to say that thus far, I’ve been pretty lucky in the pee department.  Jonathan has tried to pee on Paul many times, and has only tried to pee on me maybe 4 times in his entire short life.

So first, Jonathan took his first bath in the big tub without the infant tub like a big boy.  I was worried a couple of weeks ago about his stability, but he mastered sitting so fast, that I’m no longer concerned.  He had a blasty blast.  He was crawling all over the tub, playing with his rubber duckies, checking out the drain, checking out the faucet, and splashing like crazy.  So I let him have some fun instead of bathing him and taking him out right away.  I go to do our lotion and clothes routine, and I let him have some nakey time and just hang out.  I go to put A+D ointment on his booty like I do every night because I like preventing diaper rash instead of treating it because ain’t nobody got time fo’ that!  So what does he do?  That little monster peed on me!  And then laughed his little ass off!  Prior to today, he had never actually hit me with his pee, but this time he did.  So there’s that.

I sit on the couch up in our loft, read him his books, and feed him his bottle.  I burp him.  He’s been doing this thing lately where he looks at things, and then cocks his head to the left to look at it sideways.  I think this is him figuring out different perspectives.  I’m pretty sure it’s not torticollis because he doesn’t do it all the time, and it’s not a twitch.  He does it very deliberately.  Anyways, after he burped, he was doing it over and over again, and laughing his ass off.  I wish I knew what went on in that little head of his.  It must have just been hilarious to him to be able to see things from different perspectives.  Either way, I’ve got a weird kid, and I love it!

I haven’t shared a picture in a while, so here’s a happy boy!

Imma chew the HELL out of this ring!

Imma chew the HELL out of this ring!


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