What? A 7 Month Old?

Sorry for my brief absence.  I have to DVR all the shows I like to watch, and I had to catch up on Spartacus: War of the Damned. I know Jonathan probably won’t remember it, but I feel weird watching something so violent and gory while he’s awake, so I have to wait until he goes to bed.  I have to give credit to the creators of this show; this has been the goriest season yet.  I know how this ends because I know the history of the Third Servile War, but the way they are arriving at the end is done very well.

Anyway, on to the subject of my post.  My little savage is 7 months old today!  He’s getting so big, and he’s incredibly active.  He had to get his second round of the flu shot today.  Apparently the first time a baby gets a flu shot, it’s a series of two shots, and the second shot is taken a month after the first.  I ran into someone that I haven’t seen in a really long time, so it was nice to catch up for a little bit.  I also asked to have him weighed and measured because he hasn’t been taking full bottles for a little over a week now.  He’ll drink four ounces, and then refuse the rest of it, so he’s drinking about half of what he was before.  Turns out he’s still growing like he should be.  He’s 21.1 lbs., and 28 inches long!  I expected him to break 20 lbs. at his 6 month appointment, so I can’t believe he’s over it now!  He’s still super skinny and long, though, so I’m hoping he gets his grandpa and uncle’s metabolism.

Back to him being crazy active.  Among Jonathan’s “tricks” now are crawling, pulling himself up to standing, figuring out how to get down from standing, and he’s already starting to “cruise,” which is walking while holding on to something staying still.  He does it around the edge of his playpen, his little activity table, and me, and he’s figuring out how to go from one piece of furniture to another.  Today he let go of the coffee table to pull at his shirt with both hands (because apparently using one hand wasn’t enough), and actually stood on his own for about 5 seconds before he fell over.  Don’t worry, he didn’t get hurt.  It was actually hard for me not to laugh because he fell on his back, laid there for a second in shock, looked at me, and then started crying.  So he is clearly figuring out that his actions get a reaction.  Little stinker.  Earlier today, I left him on the floor to play while I was throwing away some garbage.  I come back, and he had crawled from the living room into our pantry, was standing, and trying to get into the box of popcorn I have in there.  I guess I should be glad he didn’t get at the rice.  First, because that would be a bitch to clean up.  Second, I’m Korean.  What the hell would I eat?!  Here he is in all his nosy glory:

Mmmm, popcorn….


And finally, the only good picture I could get to mark his 7 month birthday.  I’ll have to try to get a better one in the next week, but it’s really difficult to get him to sit still now.

What, Mom?  Can't you see I'm playing?

What, Mom? Can’t you see I’m playing?


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