I Watch the Disney Channel Too Much

Let’s take a moment to talk about the Disney Channel. When I’m not watching The Today Show in the morning (I’m not gonna lie, I love Kathie Lee and Hoda because of their appreciation for wine), I’ll keep the TV on the Disney Channel so Jonathan has something to watch the 10 seconds out of every hour that he bothers to look at the TV. This is affecting me in weird ways. First, Doc McStuffins is on just about every day. And that Lambie is a cuddle whore. Second, I hear Sophie the First singing, “I’m not ready to be a princess,” in my sleep now. Lastly, I can’t just say, “Let’s go,” anymore. It’s now, “Yo ho, let’s go!” (Thanks to Jake and the Neverland Pirates.)

I’m being brainwashed. I need an adult.

In other news, Jonathan likes to pull himself up on the piano now.  I couldn’t get video of it yesterday, but I managed to get video today of him playing.  Yesterday it sounded much more musical, and he was using both hands more often!


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