The Hell of Moving

My least favorite thing about the Army life is moving.  Actually, it’s more the packing portion.  I need to figure out what to put in unaccompanied baggage (UAB), what will go into storage here, and what will go with our household goods (HHG).  This task is daunting.  I don’t even know where to begin.  But hark!  THE INTERNET!  It’s been so long since I’ve been involved in an overseas move, but plenty of Army lives like me have too much time on their hands, so they write blogs.  And, behind deployments, moves are probably the second most talked about subject on an Army wife’s blog.

We got the phone call that they’ll be coming to get our UAB on May 1st, so here we go!  Since I’m a master of procrastination, I still have not put together our PCS binder, I only have books packed up for storage, and very little is on my inventory.  Paul will be home on the 11th, so at least the last couple of weeks before our HHG have to go will be productive.  I hope.  I don’t mind packing everything, someone just needs to rein Jonathan in.

I know I’ve been pretty quiet this week, but all my time was devoted to the news while the FBI and Boston and Watertown police hunted down the suspects of the Boston Marathon bombing.  Trying to post something funny felt trite, so I just took a little hiatus.  I’m obviously thrilled that the police were able to apprehend him and take him into custody.  We’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming now!


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