I Am Superwoman

There are many things I don’t like about Army life, and one of the HUGE ones are the fact that I have to do yard work when my husband’s gone.  My dad is one of the most awesome people on the planet, so he helped out today, but after almost 3 weeks of grass growth, I needed to mow my lawn before my HOA gets on my ass.  Meanwhile, my dad fixed the little planting space in front of my front porch.  Our shrubs that were there when we first bought the house died in spectacular fashion (I’m guessing because I suck at gardening, and kill anything that doesn’t just grow on its own with no care).  One of our neighbors was getting rid of their shrubs, so I grabbed one from them.  My dad weeded, pulled out all the grass that started to grow there, moved my lilies, and planted the shrub, and now I don’t feel like I live in a house with an unkempt yard.  Sidenote, though, after mowing and weedwacking (still not a verb, still don’t care), my arms are smoked.  I came in and was getting a drink, and my hand was shaking the entire time.  I am clearly out of shape, and all the baby lifting I do does not make swinging a weedwacker back and forth any easier.

Anyway, that makes me Superwoman.  Because my dad had the foresight to make sure I learned how to mow a fucking lawn when I was a teenager, so I’d never be helpless in the yard maintenance category.

Also, I’ve been trying to get better about getting more pictures of Jonathan on my DSLR.  My iPhone’s all great and everything, but the picture quality sucks.  So here are a couple of pictures.  I’m obviously proud of my little man!

Look at this kid's eyes!

Look at this kid’s eyes!

Just one of the many silly faces Jonathan makes while I'm feeding him.

Just one of the many silly faces Jonathan makes while I’m feeding him.



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