The “Mom Club”

Something I was always jealous of throughout my mid to late 20s was those who were in the “Mom Club.”  You know what I’m talking about…the elite group of women who have given life to another human being.  Working in an Army unit, I got to hear tons of stories about pregnancies, labor, and deliveries, and I was always jealous because Paul and I had been trying to get pregnant, but had been unsuccessful up to that point.

Well.  Now it’s no hold barred.  I love my Facebook group of baby mamas where we can share all of our pregnancy, birthing, and parenting experiences, and we already have a few ladies who are already pregnant again – one with twins! – so we are constantly talking about our experiences.  Recently, one of the ladies started a thread about most embarrassing experiences, and it’s always funny to me how many people poop while they’re pushing out their baby!  It’s one of those things that no one ever seems to want to tell pregnant women, and first time moms always seem to think it won’t happen to them, but it happens more often than not.  Besides, by the time you get to pushing out the baby, you really don’t care what’s coming out of that end of your body, you just want to get the baby out.  And I think it’s hilarious!

I love it.  I finally feel like I’m a part of the club that seems to define womanhood.  And it’s awesome.

In Jonathan news, he has now figured out how to move from one piece of furniture to another without sitting down first, and how to climb up on his little man chair and on the stairs, but he hasn’t figured how to get back down.  We are in for a ride as soon as he starts walking!

To close, here’s a picture of Jonathan representing my alma mater, Washington State University.  Paul got back from the field today, and it was the first thing he noticed when we got on Skype, but he can’t fight that Coug spirit!

Go Cougs!

Go Cougs!


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