Bathtime Fun

I say this a lot, but my son is so weird.  We switched from the infant tub to just bathing in the bathtub about three weeks ago, and it’s been an adventure.  Like every other baby, he loves splashing.  I have toys floating around in the tub, too, so he has something to play with when I need to have him on his back to wash the front of his body and his legs.  If I don’t, he tries to roll over.  I’d prefer that my son not drown in the bathtub because of that, so I have to make sure there are distractions.

Something I didn’t expect was for him to pee almost every single time he bathes now.  I’m guessing it has something to do with his nether regions being warm the whole time he’s in the tub now, but he invariably pees at some point during his bath now.

A new thing Jonathan started doing the past week just cracks me up.  He’ll turn his head to the side, and lap up the water while he’s on his back.  Like a cat.  Tongue out and everything.  It makes me laugh every time he does it, and then he turns and looks at me like, “What?  Doesn’t everyone do this in the tub?”

Tonight, he peed before he started lapping water.  Compared to how much water is in the tub for his bath, it was pretty diluted, but yeah.  I stopped him, but the damage was done.  It still made me laugh.

God, I love my kid!


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