A PCS Adventure

This past week has been nuts.  We were rushing to try and get everything together that we wanted to put in storage, ran out of time, and now everything except the garage cabinet, bench on our front porch, and piano are going.  I guess I’ll have 3 years to sort through all that shit in Hawai’i.  I’m always amazed at how much stuff I throw out every time I move.  All the things that seem important when you’re in one place for a long time suddenly become expendable.  The movers managed to pack up three crates on Friday, and I’d say about 95% of everything inside the house is boxed up and ready to go.  We’re using the rest of this weekend to finish packing all our luggage, so we’ll know exactly what’s going with us, and what’s staying.  We also have to ship our car next week or we’ll end up with a rental in Hawai’i for a really long time.

Either way, our house is a hot mess right now.  It’s driving me insane looking at all these boxes laying around everywhere, and piles of things in different places that we didn’t want the movers to pack.  I’m hoping that getting all our baggage squared away will eliminate the piles laying all around the house.  We do have the closet in our master bedroom completely empty now, so at least we can store stuff in there.

To make things a little easier on us yesterday, I took Jonathan over to my parents’ house, so my mom could watch him all day.  I set up his playpen so he could take normal naps, but my mom couldn’t handle any crying, and ended up letting him sleep on her, so his naps were really short.  My mom said one was an hour long, and the other was 45 minutes, which she thought was excellent, but when he usually takes two 2-hour naps, those times are dismal.  Sure enough, he had problems sleeping last night, I’m guessing because he was overtired, and woke up multiple times screaming, and woke up for good at 6:30 in the morning.  So we are all exhausted today, but his naps were pretty good, and since he’s gone to sleep tonight, he hasn’t woken up, so we should be well rested for tomorrow.

Tomorrow, we are taking Jonathan to his very first Mariners game!  I’m really excited to finally take him to a ballgame since we’ll be in Hawai’i where there are no pro teams, but I do really wish that Paul hadn’t been gone this whole time because all I can think of now is how I wish we were using that time to clean and pack.  After the movers take our stuff on Tuesday, I’m going to be super busy cleaning and taking care of administrative stuff that needs to be done (changing over bills, etc.), so Jonathan’s about to get a lot of Daddy time.

In Jonathan news, he is now babbling constantly.  His favorite thing to do is babble, “da-da-daddy-da-da-daddy,” all day long.  He does “ba,” “ga,” and sometimes “ma,” but he only calls for me when he’s really upset.  He’s also starting to stand on his own without support for a couple of seconds at a time.  I wish he could practice it more, but it looks like that probably won’t happen until we get to Hawai’i, and start settling in.  It’s been amazing watching how close he’s getting to Paul.  It only took about a week for him to fully readjust to Paul being home, and now they’re best buds!

Anyway, I think I’ll probably be on hiatus for a little bit as we finish up the moving process and get to Hawai’i, but I’ll be back in force after that with tons of beautiful pictures of Oahu!


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