Hawai’i Life So Far

Let me start by saying I am a very, very bad procrastinator.  I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now, but my dumb ass likes to stay up really late doing other things, and this falls to the wayside.  Well, NO MORE, I say.  I am going to get better!

Anyway, life here in Hawai’i has been awesome so far!  We have three geckos that like to hang out on our back lanai (that’s a porch, haole!), and they are symbols of good luck, so I guess we’re looking at three times the good luck?  I named them Gerald, Gary, and George…those seemed like appropriate names for a gecko that would hang out on our lanai.  In my head, they also like mai tais and lava flows.  They’re alcoholic geckos.  Moving on…

We went and leased a car for Paul since that just made the most sense.  That way when we move back to the mainland, he can just hand over the keys, and call it good instead of having to figure out how we’re going to sell it before we leave since my car will be the one shipped.  He got a 2013 Volkswagen Jetta, and that was the first time someone just assumed I was a local, and Jonathan was called a hapa haole, but in a good way since the finance guy was also saying how cute Jonathan is.  We did visit a dealership before that to look at a used car, but got horrible customer service.  I don’t know if it’s because Paul’s military or not local or the sales associate just wasn’t very good, but I’ll have to get my car serviced there since there are no straight up Toyota dealerships on this island, so hopefully my experience will be a little better.  On his way home from work today, Paul discovered that when driving and letting someone in, the locals will roll down their windows and throw up a shaka, which I just think is awesome.  Overall, the hospitality of the Hawaiian people has been amazing.

We’ve tried out a few different places for food, mostly in Mililani, and we like trying all the small places.  We found an awesome Korean restaurant that will probably get our business quite a bit during our time here, and it helps that Jonathan’s really good in restaurants.  The last time we ate there, they gave us a baby plate for Jonathan so we could cut up some of our bulgogi and rice and share it with him.  Also, when I walk in there, it smells like my mom’s house, so it’s like having a little bit of home even though we’re so far away.

The weather has been, well, rainy.  I mean, I’m from Washington, I know rain, but it’s just different here.  Usually, it rains a little, then there’s a good sunbreak, but we’ve had a couple of days of pretty steady rain, which I just wasn’t expecting this time of year.  I like when it’s warm and it rains, but not when the sun comes out right after because then it gets super humid for a little while.  Either way, it doesn’t faze me since I’m so used to near constant rain in Washington.

Let’s talk about bugs for a second.  When we announced we were moving to Hawai’i, many people talked about nothing but the bugs.  There are cockroaches and flies galore.  I haven’t run into a millipede yet, but I know it’s inevitable.  So far, no cockroaches in our house, but flies seem to get in and just die immediately.  It’s so weird.  I know I’m going to have to constantly check the guides for the windows all the time to vacuum up dead flies.  I see cockroaches outside all the time, but none have entered our house yet.  I’ve also been pretty diligent with not throwing any food away if I can, and not leaving food out on the counters.  My mom had some nasty run ins with cockroaches when we lived in Alabama, and her stories of not leaving food out stuck with me.

Jonathan seems to be adjusting to life here really well.  We finally got my car, which had his Pack N Play, so at least that’s something a little more familiar for him to sleep in until his crib gets here.  Since we got here, Jonathan has really learned how to climb.  He still only stands on his own for a few seconds at a time, but his assisted walking is getting steadier.  For sure, he’ll be walking before he’s a year old.  As for the climbing, the Army loans out “aloha” furniture while families wait for their household goods.  They’re made out of bamboo (I think), and are really easy to climb since it’s not like a traditional couch where the sides are fabric.  He climbs up on the sofa all the time, climbs the baby gate on the stairs and stands with his feet through the slats on the bottom stair.  We put one of those super play yards up around the TV, and he climbs on that, too.  Here he is, up to his daily shenanigans:

This was post-climbing up the side of the chair after knocking over the cushion so he'd have a place to sit once he got up there.

This was post-climbing up the side of the chair after knocking over the cushion so he’d have a place to sit once he got up there.

Yeah, he's halfway up that gate.

Yeah, he’s halfway up that gate.

I think it’s pretty clear that mama is going to have a heart attack soon, but he’s really steady, and gets down easily.

In other news, Paul got the call that our household goods are now on the island!  I am so stoked.  We bought some things to tide us over until they got here, like a cheap ass knife set, a garbage can that I hate, and a set of shitty dishes with silverware that I’m afraid would break if we were just eating soup, but that will end soon!  By the by, if you are an aspiring cook, don’t skimp on the knives.  I tried to trim steak, cut an onion, and cut bell peppers with these poor excuses for knives yesterday, and it was just painful how difficult it was to get the knife through these vegetables.  You should never be sawing at your food, the knife should cut through easily.  I never appreciated how awesome my knife set was until I had to use crappy knives again.  (Thanks, Mom!)  Oh, and I’m so freaking glad that I’m getting my washer and dryer soon!  The loaner ones are okay, but I went to go clean out the lint trap, and it was pretty nasty.  Also, it’s going to be stupendous to sleep on a bed that is a) comfortable, and b) not covered in plastic in the near future!

That’s all I have for now (still quite an update, but yeah…), next time we will re-discuss what you should bring with you or ship in unaccompanied baggage for an OCONUS move…because we have one hell of an AAR (after action report) brewing!


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