My Life is Chaotic

So we finally got our household goods, and my house looks like a disaster area.  We’re slowly getting everything unpacked, and it’s driving me crazy that we can’t go faster because when Jonathan’s awake, I’m busy trying to keep him out of trouble because he’s his own little tornado.  Either way, we have an interesting setup…it’s funny how even the slightest difference in room size totally messes up your decorating plans!  We have a sectional couch, and it’s way too big to put it in here the way I originally planned, so we had to do some adjusting, and now we have a reading nook, but those pictures will come after I’ve unfucked this house because you’re not seeing pictures of my house looking like this!  I did at least get to super clean the floors, and they were pretty nasty in the corners and where the baseboard meets the floor.  The sliding glass door was the worst…I now know that the previous tenants had a dog with white hair because I was digging globs of mud and hair out of the cracks with a screwdriver.  But I feel it’s clean now, and that’s what matters.  I’m hoping to get our bedroom done tomorrow.  Downstairs is pretty much done, but things need to go in their proper places, and we have stacks of book boxes taking up space, but once we can get those moved and the bookshelf where it’s supposed to be, it’ll get better.

In Jonathan news, we HAVE A WALKER!  As of today!  He was taking a couple of steps here and there, but they weren’t really steps.  Like he’d move his foot forward, and then promptly sit.  Today he was standing on his own in the middle of the room, and walked all the way to his Exersaucer, which was like 7 steps, but then he kept doing it!  We’d hold the remote out to him, and he’d walk to us because he wanted the remote!  Super bonus plus: he waited until Paul came home from work to do it, so Paul got to see him walk for the first time!  So here he is – walking!

He is also really starting to recognize some words.  When I say, “No!” he gets upset now because he knows he’s in trouble, and he definitely recognizes things he likes.  When I say, “Where’s Mickey?” he looks at the TV.  We had him in a onesie that had Mickey on it the other day, and here’s what he was doing:

Needless to say, I’m pretty proud of the terrorist!  Coming soon: my husband and I have too much time to think on our hands, and Disney cartoons suffer for it.


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