Well…Hello, Insomnia

I am so tired right now.  The last time I felt this tired was when Jonathan was a newborn.  I’ve never had serious bouts of insomnia before, but this one has lasted for three days already.  I’m tired during the day, but I can’t nap well.  I don’t know what’s going on, but I think a purchase of ZzQuil is in my near future.  And if I don’t get some quality sleep soon, someone in this house might die a very stabby death.  I love my husband and son, but a mama with no sleep is a stabby mama.

In other news, check out Jonathan’s shenanigans for today:

Look, Mom, it's a boat!

Look, Mom, it’s a boat!

Doesn’t he look pleased?  He climbed into the tub.  I was originally trying to get a picture of him laying half out and half in, but as I was getting my phone ready to take the picture, he climbed all the way in, and thought that would be a good place to hang out for a little bit.  I swear I did not do anything to make him smile for this picture.  He was just so damn tickled by getting into that tub that he was a smiling fool.

So I’m going to try to get myself to fall asleep.  Pray for the other members of this household that I do!


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