Search Terms

This isn’t a real post, I just find this funny.

These are the search terms that have led people to my blog in the past quarter:

Search Stats


I’m aware that this blog isn’t popular or anything, but here’s what I find funny.

1. I actually like my mother in law, I have no idea why that search term would lead people here!

2. The movie is called Mulholland Drive.  Incidentally, that is the way most people mispronounce our last name.

3. Who is searching just for day 3 of sleep training?!  Shouldn’t you start at the beginning?!

4. Whoever was looking for Henry Hugglemonster stuffed animals probably got a big surprise because I’m guessing it led them to my Disney Junior characters post.

5. The “kids eyes” one just creeps me out.  Why? Why would you be searching for kids’ eyes?!

I also really wish I knew what that unknown search term was, too.  But, alas, it will forever be a mystery!  And now I’m going to put tags on this blog that will surely lead more people back here!


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