In Which I Hate Moving…Again

This past week has been incredibly stressful.  We thought we had someone lined up to rent our house, but at the last minute his wife decided that she needed to see it in person first.  I was REALLY hoping they’d rent it because they don’t have any pets, so that cuts down on how dirty it will get while we’re gone.  We’re allowing dogs, but if someone has a pet in there, we already know we’re going to have to replace all the carpet and deep clean when we get back.  So in the meantime, I have advertised our house on every possible website I can, and the market just sucks.  I also hate how other military wives who aren’t from Washington instantly recommend the most expensive place to live when only senior NCOs and officers can really afford to live there.  Our house is in a nice place, it has huge rooms, and a walk in closet that would be the envy of just about every woman in the world.

Anyway, I’m sure we’ll find someone soon, we just need to think positive!  I hate that military families are forced into this because of PCS moves, though.  We already knew we were retiring in WA, so that’s why we bought the house there, and there are no programs in place to help out families until renters are found.  I really think that after Paul retires I want to start a non-profit to help military families out with this type of thing.  Too many people are being foreclosed on or losing tons of money short selling their house, which also prevents them from being able to use their VA loan again at a later time.  I want to help people with that.

In Jonathan related news, we now have an 11 month old, and I don’t know how he got so big!  I also can’t believe he’s turning 1 in a month.  In true me fashion, I haven’t sent out invitations yet, but I need to get on it soon.  As in, tomorrow.  My wonderful mother in law and, I guess, godmother in law (? She’s Paul’s godmother) are coming out for his birthday party, and we’ve invited a few people we know here in Hawaii, too.  Winnie the Pooh is the theme since there’s a little tradition in Paul’s family of making a Winnie the Pooh cake and having the honey pot be the smash cake, so we’ll keep that going.  I’m starting to get a menu together.  It’s a little ambitious, but I think we can pull it off if we get some things ready ahead of time.  A trip to Party City is going to happen soon, too, but the decorations shouldn’t cost too much.

Jonathan is walking around everywhere now; it has become his preferred mode of transportation.  We have a big plastic green tub that he likes to either sit in, stand in, or pull over his head and pretend to be a turtle.  He still loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Winnie the Pooh, and has added Chuggington to his repertoire.  He continues to amaze us with new things he’s learned every day.  We are so proud of this little man!


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