Emergencies in On-Post Housing

As you may or may not know, this is the first time that I’ve lived in military housing for any extended period of time.  When my dad was stationed in Germany the last time, we briefly lived in Air Force housing on Ramstein Air Force Base for the last 9 months that we were there.  When we moved into that house, housing had waxed dog hair into the floor, and the hood above the stove was so nasty that my mom refused to live there, so in reality, we only really lived there for 6 months by the time they gave us a new apartment.

There is a reason why we opted not to live on post.  When Paul gets off of work, he likes to be away from the Army, and I hate how nosy military wives can be.  I said CAN be.  Obviously, not all military wives are like this.

Case in point:

About a month ago, there was an altercation at a neighbor’s house.  Apparently, someone was driving down the road a little too fast, and when our neighbor yelled at him to slow down, they got out of the car, and a fight ensued.  I was minding my own business, but noticed the siren lights flashing on my walls, so I got on Facebook.  There was already a post from a neighbor down the street wondering what was going on, and since she knew that my house was right in front of it, she tagged me.  This is actually one situation where I’m perfectly fine with neighbors being nosy mostly because if something dangerous is going on, we should probably know.  I went outside, and there was a group of other neighbors standing around, and that’s where I got the story.  Either way, never a dull moment, and all the neighbors agreed it was DRAAAAAMA.

I’m on the Facebook page for the Schofield Barracks Army Wives, and the things that constitute an emergency crack me up.  Here are the things I see the most (my comments are in italics):

  1. MPs are at the PX, what is going on?!  I imagine that, in all likelihood, they’re eating or someone was caught stealing something, calm down.
  2. OMG, our power went out!  Who else’s power is out! This happened today.  No shit, within a minute of the power flickering, going out for maybe 5 seconds, and coming back on, there were FOUR people asking this.  It’s a small power outage, it’s not a big deal.  Calm down.
  3. There’s a major weather pattern heading this way, we’re all going to die!  Last month, Tropical Storm Flossie was a threat, but broke apart between Molokai and Oahu, so all we got was a lot of rain.  Everyone was freaking out, getting gas, worried that they weren’t prepared.  You guys, the news channels will let us know if there’s something we really need to worry about.  Of course, it’s hurricane season here, so a new tropical storm develops every freaking week, so every time the Hawaii news channels report that one is forming, everyone freaks out and posts it even if there’s no threat of landfall.
  4. OMG, did you see the MPs and fire department on xxx Street?  This actually enters into dangerous territory because if the MPs are in my neighborhood, on my street, because of violence, I’d like to know, so I can avoid those people.  However, some people got curious a few weeks ago, and it turned out someone’s husband passed away, which is tragic.  And that is where nosy wives are a nuisance.
  5. Ugh, the Commissary is freaking closed on Mondays!  Due to sequestration, DECA decided to close the Commissaries on Mondays as their furlough day.  The wives freaking out about this are obviously young because ALL Commissaries used to be closed on Monday!  And were only open until 5 or 6!  Since Paul and I got married, I still have those hours stuck in my mind, and I always try to get there in the morning.  I also subconsciously never try to go to the Commissary on a Monday.  It’s not the end of the world, and you will not starve if the Commissary is closed one day a week.  There are grocery stores off post!

I like to keep to myself for the most part, and I do that because I don’t really want the public knowing my business.  I lead a drama free life that revolves around my family, not the Army.  Though I am passionate about the Army, it, by no means, rules my life.  So this stuff provides entertainment for me.  I smile to myself, and shake my head because people worry over nothing.  And I thank God that not all Army wives are like this!


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