Happy Holidays?

What’s going on in the Monhollen household this Christmas?  Well, let’s be honest here.  Not a whole lot.

Paul got back from Arizona on the 17th, and since then we’ve been scrambling to get Christmas together.  At the same time, Jonathan’s only one, and is going to be way more interested in the wrapping paper and boxes than whether or not I decorated for Christmas, so let’s just say I never got around to decorating, and ran out of time to get a real tree.  In my defense, last year I had my parents close by to help watch Jonathan while I decorated, and with Paul being gone, and with the weather being so…sunny, I just haven’t been feeling the Christmas spirit this year.  We didn’t manage to get a picture with Santa or holiday pictures at all, either.  I have been listening to Christmas music whenever I can, but it just doesn’t feel like Christmas without the cold.  I promise I’ll do better next year.  Not that you care, but maybe if I write it down, I’ll own up to it since next year Jonathan should start getting slightly more excited about the season, and doesn’t know that it’s supposed to be cold outside for Christmas.  Also, I think this is the first Christmas that I’ve spent without my parents at all, which is weird, but I’m sure they’ll be with us on Skype to watch Jonathan open his presents.

So along the lines of Paul coming home, I feel like chaos is ruling in my head right now.  When he leaves, I establish a pretty solid routine for just Jonathan and me, and it isn’t difficult to stick to.  I get a decent amount of stuff done during the day even with taking a nap, and let’s just say the dishes situation is much better.  I don’t know why he has to use two pans, a plate, a bowl, and various silverware and utensils for one meal, but hey…what do I know.  At least he’ll be at work tomorrow, so I get a one-day break from having three times as many dishes to do at the end of the day.  Luckily, since coming back from Washington, I’ve been getting super tired earlier, so his snoring hasn’t been interrupting my sleep.  I can’t say the same about the last episode of Hawaii Five-0, though.  Seriously, assholes, a serial killer?!  I’m going to have nightmares for months.  I can’t explain why I’m so petrified when serial killers come up, I just am.

In Jonathan news, he just had his 15 month checkup, and he is almost 34 inches tall, almost 26 lbs., and has a huge noggin in the 85th percentile.  So I have a tall, skinny child with a huge head.  He only had to get two shots, so not too bad.  He cried while the nurse was giving them to him, but was fine once I was able to pick him up again.  He still has a knot in his leg from the DTaP, but it doesn’t seem to be bothering him, so all is good.  Here’s little man at his appointment…this is the tail end of one of his “you’re taking a picture” smiles, not a look of disgust:

I love being in just my diaper and this paper!

I love hanging out in just my diaper and this paper!

Tomorrow is going to be a long day of wrapping presents and possibly heading up to the North Shore because there are some huge swells coming in tomorrow so we might get to see some 50 ft. waves!  And delicious baked macaroni and cheese for dinner!


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