Ringing in 2014

So I’m going to go ahead and blame Ubisoft and my husband for my recent absence.  Paul got me Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag for Christmas, and all my free time has gone towards beating this game.  And because I’m extra OCD, I like to try to get 100% when I’m playing video games.  Don’t judge me, it’s just what I do.

I’ve got to say that I’m relieved that the holiday season is over.  I was super grinchy this year (that is a real word to me, spell check), and we didn’t get a tree or really decorate, but we did get Jonathan lots of presents.  A couple of these presents have me questioning how intelligent my husband and me are because only an insane person would willingly go out and buy Lego for their kid since it’s like setting up your own personal minefield.  He’s got a bucket of Lego Duplo now, and loves shaking the shit out of that bucket so the Lego goes flying everywhere.  I might be overstating my son’s intelligence, but I’m sure that he’s shaking it so it lands right in the path that we usually use to walk through his playroom.  Another act of toddler terrorism for sure.  I’ve already uttered more than a few curses…enough so I that I refused to open that damn bucket for him today.  If Daddy wants to deal with it when he gets home, then he can help himself!  Also, I finally went and got Jonathan’s picture taken with Santa, so I didn’t fail at being a mother in 2013.  And just to compare what a difference a year makes, I’ll include his Santa picture from last year.  He looks so big now!





I took Jonathan out to the North Shore on the 23rd because I heard there were big swells coming in, but that day was kind of a bust.  I did get to walk on the beach, though, and my feet thanked me for it because they were nice and smooth when we got home.  We went out again on Christmas Eve with Paul, and the waves were much better, 20-30 feet, so we enjoyed walking on the beach, letting Jonathan play in the sand, and taking some good pictures.  We did NOT enjoy all the sand that is now decorating the floor of my car, but that’s what vacuums are for, right?  Now, to find the time to actually go out and vacuum it.

So now that it’s 2014, Paul and I have set some goals for ourselves, mostly to budget better, and start really saving.  We know when we get back to Washington, we’re going to have to replace all the carpet in the house, and we haven’t decided if we’re going to keep his Jetta after the lease is up.  I’d also like to actually decorate and paint when we get back since everything was kind of in there willy nilly, too.  We had 2 rooms total completely decorated: the dining room and Jonathan’s room.  The goal is to have a pretty sizable chunk of money in the bank, though.  I’m also going to tear through this house to start getting rid of stuff we don’t need.  After all, our next move is scheduled to be two and a half years away, so no time like the present to start, right?

Anyway, I’m going back to Assassin’s Creed now.  I’ll be sure to put up a new post soon!


2 thoughts on “Ringing in 2014

    • Oh, my God…I’m so horrible with video games. Like in most houses it’s the husband who won’t stop playing, and I’m 100% worse! It’s almost 3 in the morning because I didn’t want to stop playing. I’m going to be so tired tomorrow!

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