Organizing Life

Sounds a little crazy, right?  Well, ever since having a baby, our home has been chaotic, to say the least.  So in an attempt to get back on track with housework, I had to create a schedule of what needs to be cleaned every week to keep this house from falling into complete disrepair.  Here’s what I came up with.


  • Wipe down kitchen counters, dinner table, and high chair
  • Wash/load/put away dishes
  • Pick up clutter

Weekly, by day:

  • Monday: Dust, change and wash sheets, clean toilets
  • Tuesday: Vacuum downstairs, clean out fridge
  • Wednesday: Vacuum stairs and upstairs, errands if needed
  • Thursday: Dust, clean bathroom counters and tubs, vacuum and mop bathroom floors, clean toilets (this has to be done twice a week here because I don’t know what the hell is in the water, but our toilets get nasty really fast)
  • Friday: Kitchen – wipe down appliances, scrub sink
  • Saturday: Grocery shopping, yard work (weather permitting), shred and file papers
  • Sunday: Run and put away laundry, dust, vacuum, and mop whole house


  • Wash windows
  • Clean baseboards
  • Vacuum couches

So this is just a preliminary list, and I’ll probably start adding to it as I realize there’s more stuff to clean.  So far this week by following this plan, things have been working out well.  It keeps me busy during the day, and I don’t forget what needs to be done.  We’re also starting to meal plan to make our grocery budget a little more predictable, and that’s been nice because it keeps us from trying to eat out, which costs SO much money in Hawaii.  Tonight I was going to make mustard dill chicken with rice and vegetables, but the chicken we had didn’t look great, so I wasn’t going to chance it.  The good news is that Jonathan loves chicken nuggets, so off to Burger King I went, and I actually ate a reasonable meal instead of going overboard.  Another thing I absolutely need to do this year is to start watching portion sizes, and making sure I eat regularly throughout the day, so I don’t gorge myself at dinnertime.  Because for SOME reason, I can’t seem to find time to eat during the day, so my fat ass thinks I need to make up for it by eating 4 times what a human should be eating for dinner.  I’m also going to start making sure I at least get out and walk 4 times a week for half an hour, but the past two days the weather has just been craptastic.  Like it feels like we’re living in Washington right now with all the rain, and it’s been in the 60s, which is super cold here.  I think I’m freezing because it’s not supposed to be cold like that here, and Maui apparently hit a record low yesterday.  Either way, I know it’ll get warm again soon, and I’ll get back on track then.

In Jonathan news, he has remembered that he knows how to climb.  So while I’m sitting on the couch, Jonathan will walk up, throw his sippy cup on the couch, hoist his little left leg straight up, and grab onto my leg to pull himself up.  He hasn’t been cuddly in months, so it’s kind of nice to see him being cuddly now because he’s doing that to be near me.  I got a great picture of his little foot today, and it’s one thing I know I’m going to miss when he gets older.  I love those little baby feet!

Isn't that little foot just freaking adorable?

Isn’t that little foot just freaking adorable?

And that’s it for now!  More next time!


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