The Toddler Olympics?

No, just kidding, but wouldn’t that be awesome?  There could be events like how fast they get distracted by an item when playing with something completely different.  Toddler dancing, but I’m sure the French judge wouldn’t give American toddlers the style points they deserve.  The time between when a parent sets down a plate of food to when they flip it over.  The time between a parent changing a diaper to the time the toddler poops in it.  Epic, I tell you.  It would be epic.

But on a serious note, I LOVE the Winter Olympics.  Way more than the Summer Olympics.  The only events I like in the Summer Olympics are the swimming events (swimming and diving), gymnastics, and soccer.  In the Winter Olympics, I’ll watch pretty much anything but cross country skiing.  And ice dancing.  Not nearly as exciting as the figure skating.  Curling is the weird one, and it’s so oddly hypnotic.  I dare you to start watching it and then find a way to stop.

We watched the Opening Ceremonies last night, and I have to say that aside from the snowflake malfunction, I really enjoyed it.  Granted, they borrowed all the elements of the ceremonies from Turin, Beijing, and London, but it worked.  I especially loved the overall history lesson, but I’m a history nerd, so that’s the only explanation I have for that.

In Jonathan news, his personality is REALLY emerging now.  He’s such a happy, silly boy, and every single day with him is just hilarious.  He recently learned how to blow raspberries on skin, so he’ll be playing, and then he comes up to me and blows a raspberry on my leg.  He has also learned how to do this by himself, so we’ll be eating dinner, and he’ll blow one on his own arm, and it cracks us up every single time!  He is also tall enough now to climb up on the couch without the aid of the coffee table, which has a shelf that assists him in climbing to the top, so he comes and cuddles with me more often now, too.  When he gets the cuddle urge, he comes up to the couch, throws his milk up on the couch, props his left leg up on the couch with his foot straight up in the air, and pulls himself up using my leg.  Then he’s so proud of himself that he bounces for a good 5 minutes, but after the bouncing, he just wants to sit with me.  And it’s the sweetest thing in the world!  He is also doing silly things on purpose.  He’s a pro walker now, but every once in a while, he crawls in a huge circle around the room, laughing the whole time, because he thinks it’s funny that he’s crawling when he knows how to walk.  He is also learning how to pick up after himself, so we have begun the chore portion of his childhood!  Before he goes down for a nap, he knows to clean up all his toys now, and it’s kind of funny because he’s started making less of a mess so he doesn’t have to clean up as much!  He plays along with some of his favorite cartoons now, so he helps Rocket take off when he watches Little Einsteins, and he also helps Rocket take off when he’s bored apparently because he randomly starts patting his little legs, and then throws his arms up in the air waiting for me to scream, “Blastoff!”  So yeah, he makes me laugh every single day!

He has also picked up a way to vent his frustration that I don’t like, and that is biting.  He’s only done it twice when he’s trying to climb up on the couch, and it’s not going as fast as he wants it to, so he’ll bite my leg.  I have to give myself a pat on the back here for not instantly reaching out and popping him in the mouth, but yelling, “Ouch!  We do not bite!” seems to be enough to make him feel sufficiently bad because he cries BAD when I do that.  So I win at parenting this week.

In Hawaii news, I went out with a friend of mine last Saturday before prepping for the Super Bowl to watch the sunrise at Kailua on the windward side of Oahu, and it was gorgeous.  The water was cool, but not cold, and it was cloudy out, but not quite raining on us yet, so we got to see a rainbow while we were out there.  Little crabs were poking up out of the sand, and it was just peaceful and gorgeous.  I seriously feel so lucky to live here every time I go to the beach, and I have a hard time understanding why so many military wives hate Hawai’i so much, but I can’t force them to love it like I do, and that’s cool.  Anyway, I’ll end with a picture from Kailua, and make you all want to come visit!

Just beautiful!

Just beautiful!


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