18 Months Old! And Other Things…

My little man turned 18 months old last month.  And now I realize I’m posting this four days before he turns 19 months old.  Holy shit, where is the time going?!  Jonathan is officially in 2T clothes now, effectively skipping 24M clothes almost entirely.  It seemed like he was fitting into his 18M clothes for the longest time, and then BAM!  Nope, I can’t pull on his shorts anymore, and he looks like he’s wearing baby crop top shirts!  His silly personality is still shining through, and I swear he’s the most laid back kid I’ve ever met.  That’s not to say that he doesn’t have his moments, because he definitely does, but they’re usually pretty short lived.  Every day he tries to assert his independence more and more, and he’s finally starting to add new words to his vocabulary, albeit one every couple of weeks.  He repeated “Cock-a-doodle-do” after me when I was reading The Very Busy Spider a few nights ago, and after listening to Paul yell, “Go Kings Go!” at the TV every time he watches Kings hockey, Jonathan now says, “Go Go Go!”  And when I watch the Mariners and ask him to say, “Go Mariners!”, he replies, “Go Go!”  Also, just like every other family out there right now, we bought Frozen when it came out, and he is obsessed with this movie.  We also downloaded the soundtrack, and he likes to listen to it when we go places.  His favorite song is “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”, and he “sings” along with it.  He knows exactly where to make the “tick tock” sound with his tongue during the second verse, and his face just lights up when he hears the beginning of that song.  If I want 20 minutes to do other things around the house, I just put it on, and he’s zoned out.  That movie is like toddler crack.  Without the weird drug side effects.  He also does this fake laugh that is hilarious.  He likes to do it while we’re eating dinner, so I caught a picture of it last week:

Aaaaaahahahaha! (That's what it sounds like.)

Aaaaaahahahaha! (That’s what it sounds like.)

We got a very generous gift for Christmas/Chanukah from Paul’s mom to fly back to Washington to visit, so we did that in March, too.  The Brigade that Paul served in while we were there deactivated, so we wanted to be there for the ceremony, and it was so nice to see old friends!  The grandparents also got lots of face time with Jonathan, and we were able to meet up with friends and my cousin for dinner, so it was so nice!  Of course, it was gloomy, cold, and raining the whole time we were there, though, so we were pretty happy to be getting on the plane to come back to Hawai’i after that!  I will say that this time was way worse traveling with a toddler.  There were a couple of times when he was “that kid” on the plane.  Mostly because he was cooped up most of the time, though he did sleep more on the plane than he did when we went home for Thanksgiving.  This is just such a difficult age because he wants to run free!  I don’t anticipate another visit until we move back to the mainland because of it.  I try to be respectful of others with my kid around, and I don’t want to subject a bunch of people who are already pissed off that they’re traveling to a screaming toddler.  I do miss being so close to the grandparents, though, and I really can’t wait until we can move back!

Now we’re just waiting for the promotion list to be published in 3 days, and praying that Paul’s on it.  We’re not expecting it because he doesn’t have an NCOER (evaluation report for you non-military folks) in this MOS yet, but we can’t read the minds of the Sergeants Major on the board, so who knows.  They might promote him because he had excellent NCOERs in his last job and his time in grade.

So that’s the update for now.  I do have funny stories.  Like Jonathan likes to move around the playroom flat on his back, using his feet to propel him places, and he laughs and laughs while he’s doing it.  I’m thinking I need to stick a rag on his back, and let him go nuts.  But that didn’t turn out as funny as it looks to us because I have funny writer’s block right now!  Either way, I’ll update soon!


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