What “Frozen” Has Taught My Son

As I mentioned in my last post, Frozen is toddler crack.  Except without the weird drug side effects.  Since buying this movie, we have watched it at least twice a day every single day.  Yesterday, we watched it four times.  I tried sticking Toy Story in the other day, and after about the first 10 minutes, he stopped watching it.  I thought, “Hey, maybe this is a coincidence…maybe all kids start really paying attention to all movies at 18 months old.”  I was wrong.  I don’t know what it is about this movie in particular, but I’m going to guess that it’s the sheer number of songs in it.  On that note, I’m starting to think that if another person posts a YouTube video of “Let It Go,” I’m going to get very stabby.

I know I should feel a little bad about sitting Jonathan in front of this movie every day, but he throws a fit if I turn it off, and I don’t see any harm in letting him watch it, so I let him have at it.  Surprisingly enough, he has learned quite a few things from this movie, probably due to extreme repetition, but it’s awesome.

Before watching this movie, the only thing he sang along to was the “Little Einsteins” theme song.  He also “participates” in that show by patting his legs and throwing his hands up in the air to help Rocket blastoff.  He tries to sing along to every single song in Frozen now, even the nonsense one before “Frozen Heart” during the title credits.  He’s learning rhythm and cues, as well.  He’s not repeating the words, but he babbles in rhythm with the song, and he sings his little heart out with the words he does know (“go” and “door” mostly).  As I mentioned in my last post, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” is his favorite, and he clicks his tongue with Anna, and has added knocking when she knocks.  When he hears the song start, he positions himself by the coffee table or front door to make sure he has an object that will give him a nice, satisfying knocking sound.  Also, when I say, “Can you say ‘Elsa?'” he knocks now.  I’m assuming because Anna says, “Elsa,” before she knocks.

Thanks to Oaken, Jonathan now thinks that, “Woohoo!” is another way of saying, “Hi,” so he waves and says, “Hiiii!” every time he hears, “Woohoo!”  Incidentally, my grandma likes to say, “Yoohoo!” to get my grandpa’s attention, so it’ll be funny the first time he hears her say that, and responds with, “Hiii!” and an enthusiastic wave!

Finally, he gets crazy excited when Olaf and the trolls are on screen.  I need to try to find him an Olaf stuffed animal or something, but, of course, EVERYWHERE IS SOLD OUT OF THEM.

Anyway, the whole point of this post is that I don’t feel bad letting Jonathan watch this movie over and over and over….and OVER…again because he seems to be learning quite a bit from it.  And it’s freaking adorable to watch him try to sing along.


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