My Little Terrorist

So in my last post, I updated everyone on all the wonderful new things Jonathan has learned in the past couple of months.  Well, along with those things, he has added new and terrifying ways to show me what a smart kid he is.  I’d like to also point out that Paul has been in the field since Thursday.  He’s coming back tomorrow night, but Jonathan likes to step things up a notch when Paul’s gone.  Also, I injured my back somehow last Saturday and took it easy all weekend hoping it would heal.  Well, Paul went back to work on Tuesday.  I went to pick Jonathan up to put him in his high chair for breakfast, felt a pop in my lower back, and just about passed out with the pain.  So Paul had to come home to take me to the emergency room, and I’m still not totally healed from it.  I’m at about 85% right now, so the things Jonathan’s doing are also super inconvenient because I’m old and I can’t trust my own body anymore.

First, Jonathan has taken furniture rearranging to a new level.  He now pushes Paul’s recliner up against the dresser to climb up on top of the dresser.  He does this when his Mickey chair is not available.  When the Mickey chair is available, he pushes it up to the dresser, and uses the pulls on the dresser as hand and foot holds to get up to the top to grab his books so I can read the same books over and over again to him all day long.  Oh, and he also likes to push his chair and puppy up to the baby gates to try to climb over.

In an attempt to keep him off the top of the dresser, I had to step outside for a second, so I thought I’d let him run around the kitchen/living/dining room area.  He followed me to the sliding glass door, and as soon as I stepped out and closed the door, he locked that son of a bitch on me.  And then just looked at me before squealing with glee and running around touching everything I’m always telling him not to touch.  Thankfully, my neighbors were outside, so the husband came over to try to break into the house.  The good news is that this house cannot be breached with every window closed and locked.  In the meantime, Jonathan ran back to the door four times to look at me before running off again.  He finally came back and unlocked the door.  It was probably only 10 minutes or so, but it felt like half an hour.  And, of course, my parents thought it was hilarious, and I know Paul will think it’s hilarious, too.

To follow that, to keep him from locking me out again, I put him in his playpen while I was gathering up trash today.  I ran upstairs to empty out his diaper pail, come back downstairs, and that little stinker figured out how to climb out of his playpen.  So it appears my last way to restrain this kid is to put him in his high chair, but I know it’s just a matter of time until he figures out how to get out of that, too.  Needless to say, I’m exhausted, and I can’t wait for Paul to get home so I can just finish healing up!

Here’s Jonathan in one of his acts of terrorism.

You thought I was kidding, didn't you?

You thought I was kidding, didn’t you?


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