Human Chess and Other Terrorist Activities

So.  It’s been a while.  And Jonathan is learning new hilarious things.  Here’s one of them.

One of Jonathan’s new ways to communicate with us, is to physically move Paul and me to where he wants us.  Or move our limbs to where he wants them.  So if I’m sitting on the couch with one leg on the floor, that’s apparently not the proper way to sit, so he’ll lift up my leg, and put it on the couch.  I’m not sure if he just wants me to be comfortable or if that leg is getting in the way of him running back and forth across the playroom screaming like a little banshee.  Okay, he doesn’t actually scream that often, but he does get very excited while he’s running, and it’s hilarious to watch.

The other time he loves to do move us around is right after we disrobe him for his bath.  We’ll close his bedroom door in an effort to steer him into the bathroom to brush his teeth, but he’s only interested in hopping like a bunny up and down the hallway.  To ensure we don’t impede his progress, he’ll move me to his door, and move Paul right next to me…and we have to be touching.  If Paul moves a step away from me, Jonathan stops everything he’s doing, and moves him back.  It makes us both laugh because he’s so persistent about it, but it really is one of the cutest things ever.

Jonathan is also learning new words every day.  Everything with 4 wheels that rolls down the road is a car, he knows that round things are balls, and he could pick Pooh out of a lineup (Classic and Disney because he’s smart like that), so Pooh better keep his honey-eating nose clean.  He likes to point at different things in books now, so I can tell him what they are, and some of them he tries to repeat.  So his language skills are getting there.  But this also means more tantrums because when he can’t communicate what he wants, it’s the end of the goddamn world.  But he’ll get there.

Since we went to the Dole Plantation last year to ride the train and get pineapple whip for Father’s Day, Paul wants to make it a yearly thing while we’re here, so we did that for Father’s Day this year, too.  Which is good because I got the best toddler terrorist picture OF. ALL. TIME.


He’s REALLY up to something here.

And finally, Jonathan and I graced Paul’s unit with our presence (it’s something of a rarity because they usually have this stuff so far away and it interferes with naptime) at his Battalion’s Organizational Day, a.k.a. mandatory fun, out at the beach at Bellows AFB.  Beautiful beach, beautiful water, but that sand is a pain in the ass to clean up because it’s so fine.  Jonathan had a blast playing in the ocean with Paul, though, and if you’re wondering what pure happiness and joy looks like, get a picture of a toddler jumping in the waves like this:

Now that's happiness!

Now that’s happiness!

To continue his reign of terrorism, Jonathan now climbs out of his crib every single chance he gets.  We just got him a toddler bed, and we’ll set that up this weekend to get him used to it, and we’re hoping he learns to sleep in his bed quickly instead of wandering all around the house.  There’s nothing like a kid waking up from a nap after an hour when he normally takes 2-3 hour naps, and surprising you by walking right into the kitchen after climbing out of his crib and coming down the stairs himself like it was nothing!  So more to come on toddler bed training!


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