Toddler Bed Sleep Training: The End and Talking

Man, I really hope any future kids we have are as easy to sleep train as Jonathan has been.  We finally just turned the doorknob around to his room so we could lock it from the outside, and voila.  The past two nights he fell asleep in 20 minutes and 5 minutes, respectively.  Today, I put him down for his nap, and he cried while I was tucking him in, but as soon as I closed the door and locked it, he instantly quieted down, and fell asleep.

So if you’re here looking for advice on transitioning to a toddler bed, I guess I don’t have much to say other than childproof everything in the room (as in, take out everything that the kid can throw around or empty onto the floor), lock the door from the outside, and do something similar to Ferber in waiting for prescribed intervals before going in and putting them back in their bed.  I expected much more excitement and frustration with this, but Jonathan wants to clear his terrorist name, apparently…or likes making me look like a liar!

In other news, Jonathan is starting to talk way more.  We read “Goodnight Moon” every night, and he started pointing to different things in the color pictures so I’ll tell him what they are.  Out of the blue, he started saying “brush,” “comb,” “shhh,” and “clock.”  So I guess I don’t have to worry about his vocabulary because it’s getting there!  I’m sure that once he hits 2 years old, it’s going to be on!

I also completely forgot about this picture that I took of him a few weeks ago.  We bought sunglasses for him while we were still in WA, but he wasn’t quite ready to keep them on his face yet.  Now he likes to play with them inside the house.  What a cool little dude!

He wears his sunglasses at night...

He wears his sunglasses at night…


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