An Announcement

We’ve actually known this since before we left for Washington back in March, but wanted to keep it to ourselves for a while.  A long while.  Like longer than anyone else I know has ever kept a secret like this.  Anyway, Paul and I are expecting a baby girl in November!  Her due date is November 15, and we chose the name Annabeth Rachael for her after Paul’s Aunt Annie and my cousin Renee who passed away in a car wreck and friend Rachel who passed away from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma.  We’re very excited about the new addition, but not so excited about the money she is going to cost over the years!

If you know me well, or saw previous posts about Jonathan on this blog, I have PCOS, and it took us four years and two rounds of Clomid to conceive Jonathan.  Ever since having him, my cycles have been somewhat regular, but very long (48 days on average).  I went to infertility here, and they wanted Paul to do all the tests again, which, of course, made him angry, so we said, “Fuck it,” and decided to try to conceive naturally first.  So I bought a pack of 100 ovulation tests and 20 pregnancy tests off of Amazon.  We managed to conceive the very first month we tried!  Nine days later I woke up with my mouth tasting like I had been chewing on pennies all night.  I looked it up, and was reminded that this was a normal pregnancy symptom, so I took a pregnancy test and got the faintest positive line, which got darker over the next three days, so that confirmed it!  We went to Washington, enjoyed ourselves, and when we got back I went in to get the official pregnancy test done at the clinic to get the ball rolling on doctor’s appointments and all that fun stuff.

My first trimester was pretty much the same as it was with Jonathan.  Any nausea I had only came at night, and nothing really sounded appetizing, but I ate anyway because I had to.  I never threw up, but gagged a lot.  I felt Annabeth for the first time at nine weeks, but I wasn’t 100% sure until we went to my 12-week appointment.  The midwife was having problems finding the heartbeat with the Doppler (she found the umbilical cord just fine), so they did a quick ultrasound, and found her exactly where I was feeling the movement!  She was moving around like crazy, and that was the first time that it really hit home that I was pregnant.

Since we have Tricare as our medical coverage, I’ll talk about our experiences at Tripler.  I delivered with the midwife team at Madigan when I had Jonathan, and I was thrilled with the entire experience.  The only issue I had was in recovery and it was with one of the nurses who was very pushy about breastfeeding and didn’t perform her job the way she was supposed to.  So, naturally, I wanted to be seen by midwives here at Tripler, as well.  They initially told me that my BMI was too high to be in the midwife program, which I found odd because I’m only 6 lbs. heavier than my prepregnancy weight with Jonathan.  Anyway, come to find out that I was fine when I went in for my 16-week appointment, and that I was indeed accepted into the midwife program, and ever since then I’ve had nothing but great care.

The second trimester is going well, and I now feel her every day.  I started seeing and feeling movement outside about a week and a half ago, and this is the part of pregnancy that I love…just sitting on the couch with my shirt hiked up, watching my belly move around!  The anatomy scan went well.  I apparently have an anterior placenta, but I never would have known because I don’t notice any difference in movement from when I was pregnant with Jonathan.  Here are a couple of pictures from the anatomy scan:

Profile, and showing off the goods!

Profile, and showing off the goods!

I am now 24 weeks along (only 16 weeks left!), and we just made the announcement to the world on Friday.  We had to send out pregnancy announcements to Paul’s brother, sisters, uncle, step-grandma, and mom, and to my aunts, grandparents, and my parents.  (My parents and Paul’s mom have known since I hit 12 weeks, we just wanted to wait a little longer for the rest.)  Speaking of announcements, I can’t even begin to describe how much I love Tiny Prints.  They do such high quality work, and I always love the options available to us.  I did a little mini-shoot with Jonathan using a pair of sandals we bought for Annabeth, and they’re not the best pictures I’ve ever taken, but they conveyed the message well!

Here’s the front of the card:


And the back of the card (my favorite because I imagine Jonathan thinking, “Oh, no!  Not a sister!”):

1 (1)

So everything has been very uneventful so far, which is exactly how I like pregnancies to be!  More updates are sure to follow!


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