Toddler Terrorist Development

My little terrorist has been in rare form lately.  I think he’s starting to understand that there’s a big change coming with the new baby.  I’ll pull up my shirt to show him my belly, and say, “Where’s the baby?”  He pats my belly, and pulls my shirt down again.  Sooo…I don’t know if he knows that a little sister is about to invade this house in 3 months or what, but it’s kind of funny that he does that like, “Yeah, Mom, there’s a baby in there, let’s keep her there.”

He’s also been a nightmare the past few days with getting him to go to sleep for naps and bedtime.  Up until today, naps were the easiest.  He’d fall asleep in about 15 minutes without even sitting up in his bed, but today was a whole different story.  He wanted to kick all the covers off, and then go, “Uh oh!”, over and over until one of us went in there.  He then proceeded to madly babble to himself, so that was fun.  At bedtime, it’s taking him an hour to go to sleep!  He has the “no getting out of bed” part down, so he stays in bed, and then jumps to his little heart’s content while screaming at the top of his lungs.  The good news is that he does eventually tire out and goes to sleep on his own, but I wish it would take him an hour to do that.

So after Jonathan finally went to bed tonight, I asked Paul if he thought Jonathan might be going through another developmental leap.  I know the huge speech explosion is coming soon.  He’s saying more and more each week, but he’s recently really learned how to listen (unless we’re telling him not to do something he really wants to do, like climbing on the couch), and he’s starting mimic more stuff that he sees us and characters on his cartoons do.  His speech comprehension is pretty amazing.  He follows two to three step directions, and really surprises us with some of the stuff he’s starting to say.  He just doesn’t want to talk to us yet.  Today he was counting along with something on TV.  And if we say, “one,” he’ll say, “twooo, theee!”  We’re still working on him saying, “One,” but he just doesn’t seem interested in it yet.  He’s always loved singing along with songs in his favorite movies and shows, and we’re starting to make out more words.  He was watching Monster’s Inc. today, and the part in the beginning where Mike wakes Sully up, and they start their morning workout routine is Jonathan’s favorite.  Paul will say, “Scary feet, scary feet, scary feet, scary feet, kid’s in the bathroom!”, and Jonathan does the scary feet, and hits the floor at the appropriate time.  And THEN after he got out of the bathtub today, he kept doing this thing where he’d lift one leg up in the air, and say, “Aaaaaaah!”, and then stomp his foot, and say, “Dah!”  No clue what that’s from, so we’ll have to investigate further, but he did it like 15 times before he’d let me put his lotion on him.

Either way, it’s a fun time period, but also very exhausting.  This kid just wants to climb on me all day long, which I wouldn’t mind if I wasn’t pregnant, but my belly and poor Annabeth are not fans of him bouncing on my belly every chance he gets!


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